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We want to stay connected with you! We've created this "Virtual Information Desk" so that you can see what's going on at church at anytime, from anywhere! All the upcoming church events are listed on this special website, with the opportunity to learn more and even sign up if you'd like. 

Using the Connect Site is easy! Here's a 45 second tutorial on how to sign up and start using it (or you can read the instructions below). 

The easiest way to use the Connect website is from a Smartphone. Just enter your number, and you'll get a 4-digit confirmation code in a text message. Just enter that 4 digit code, and then your name... and you're in! You'll only need to register once for each device you're using. 


If you'd like to use the Connect Site from a computer or tablet, you can! You'll still need to provide a phone number to get the confirmation code, but there's an option to get this code as an audio recording - just enter a valid phone number and you'll get an automated voice message with your 4 digit code. Enter that code, and you'll be able to use the Connect App on your tablet or home computer. 


If you get stuck or have questions - please just call or e-mail the church office! (509) 499-9888 or

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